Greg Hawn is a sales consultant and professional with a focus on medical, pharmaceutical, consumer products, attorney, lawyer and law firm management and business activity products.  Gregory Hawn (known both privately and professionally simply as “Greg”) has been at the forefront of sales for almost 25 years.  As a resident of a number of states, including Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona, California and the District of Columbia for a brief graduate training program, Greg Hawn is well traveled and has connections to a number of medical and pharmaceutical companies and law firms and attorneys. Greg Hawn was also part of a groundbreaking sales training program in the mid 1980’s where a number of high profile companies and attorneys used Greg’s services to bolster sales and activities with their customers. Greg Hawn has built long-term relationships with customers and consultants to continually improve the execution and results of their medical, pharmaceutical and attorney programs.  He also has a high level of skill in engaging and influencing C-level executives and renowned medical and legal professionals. Greg works cross-functionally to ensure all efforts are in-line with company, attorney and/or law firm brand initiatives, with special attention to operating in accordance with counseled guidance, ethics and good sales business practices.  Greg Hawn has an ability to take a medical or law firm vision or strategy and with transferable experiences create a plan of execution and deliver top tier results as well as to resume ongoing client activities and initiatives.  Greg Hawn has also integrated medical, pharmaceutical and attorney and legal business desires across diverse areas to develop creative solutions or techniques.  Known for his casual style and an ability to communicate simple sales and business techniques in the medical and legal fields, Greg Hawn has also worked to advise clients on sales trainings.  Greg Hawn enjoys skiing, hiking and boating in his spare time.



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